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I am so still active.
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I had a dream I was back at the base.
There was Las Plagas and stuff to run past. Leon was not there and I was alone. One place
had a moving bag in a bin. The area was more rusted and a slight fog shrouded the tiny area.
A guy with a maul was coming and I jumped in. The bag was moving and gross. Yet I did not want to face that thing. I open it and I am not sure what I see. Then I am here and I don't know where here is? Did I ever escape that island? Is there another me out there?
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I kind of miss Leon, it is not like I could of ever had him.
My life is weird ever since the abduction. My life is interesting in the bad sense of the word.

Wesley I want to see you soon. I have read about the V virus.
I find it interesting.
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I have been hit, I find it hard to walk.
I remember in action movies that ridicules items could stop bullets.
Hospital gurneys in the shoot out in the hospital. Garbage cans and ply wood on the street scene. The guy got me by hearing. I was lucky to say the least.
Stay off my leg while it heals. Then what I am on a crutch? Keep the muscle from tearing. Keep the pressure off the wound. If it was my arm it would have been my death. I would not have been able to lift my firearm. No matter how big you are the lightest pistol becomes impossible to use with such injuries. Suck it up right. This battle was scary. I lost four men and another girl got
infected. The aliens are packing I am not sure why.
I have a a half eaten meal, next to me. I want crab damn it. What is with this hospital food? Plus the tv here does not get mtv x.

I killed a human. His name was Officer Tower. Oh god I took human life. Cyrus was different he was a killer. A monster I never wanted to kill another human again. I did my part. I did it for the second time. I should not cry, self pity right. I am not a monster.
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Jacko is dead, I thought he could never die. Like he was the one or something like that.
Rest in peace Jacko.
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Brookhaven is occupied, they are taking samples and I will not put it past them to run tests. Some of us are hiding. This may not not last long. Please only come here if you are hurt or injured and it is something healers can't deal with.
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Baby told me that we may not use the washing machine from near the bowling alley 'for infection control reasons'. But the hospital laundry is broken and we need bed linen and gowns, hoist slings, wheelchair covers. Now we can't wash any of those things. At all. Only an industrial washing machine will wash at the correct bug-killing temperature, apparently. so now we wait. How does this help infection control again?

I recently give up about some things. I thought to write here frequently was one ot them. But it does not mean I will not write again, despite of the fact I think nobody is interested in what I'm writing.
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Happy belated birthday House.
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Had a relaxing day. Where is Walter though?
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